Sunday, July 17, 2011

Modric To Chelsea And Two Other Examples Of Stubborn Spurs

Whenever a Spurs player is being courted, you know you're in for a long summer...

1. Modric To Chelsea- "Me no like chicken badge," reads the internet mock up of Luka Modric's transfer request, and taking into consideration the stereotypical intelligence level of a footballer, the mock up might not be too far from the truth.

However, whatever the language, format or length of Modric's request, the little Croatian can be sure that stubborn old Spurs won't care a jot. The truth of the matter is, Tottenham Hotspur needs a transfer tug of war to keep them going over the summer- without one, well, they might actually enjoy a decent start to the season. Unthinkable.

2. Berbatov to Manchester United- It could be argued that this transfer saga was the one which saw Juande Ramos fall from 'so hot' to 'so not.'

The Spanish manager was the next big thing- a miracle worker ready to bring Tottenham to the Champions League. Ramos' rise even had Jesus wetting his pants; 35,000 fans at White Hart Lane were suddenly convinced that the messiah had only just arrived.

Needless to say, it all went a little pear shaped for Juande Ramos and Tottenham Hotspur. Berbatov joined United, Ramos was sacked, and Spurs' first five games were summed up adroitly by Special One TV: What is the difference between Tottenham Hotspur and a triangle? A triangle has three points.

3. Michael Carrick To United- In retrospect, it is hard to decide which was the stranger: that Tottenham were so hard bent on keeping him, or that United were wooing his services in the first place.

The clear 'odd one out' on this list, Carrick lacks the fantasy of the normal subjects of transfer tug of wars. After an okay first few seasons at United, he has fast become the main reason for the Red Devils' mediocrity on the road.

An England international, Carrick commands nowhere near the level of interest that he did five years ago, a trait he shares with Dimitar Berbatov. The signs don't bode well for Luka Modric...

Comment with your take on Spurs, transfers, internet mock ups, or even the legend of Juande Ramos.

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