Thursday, July 14, 2011

Joe Cole Could Be The Key... For Someone should perhaps be considered one of English football's tragedies; a player with skill and technique to rival some of the world's best, yet a career lacking the requisite coherency to be considered great.

Though, it hasn't been a bad few years for Cole; he is a three time Premier League champion, and boasts a collection of cup winners medals, but the English international has never consistently performed for any one his clubs, seeing the door at Chelsea, and failing to nail down a first team spot at Liverpool.

Tactical indiscipine was an accusation made by Mourinho, injuries used as an excuse by fans of the player; two polar opposites, and two elements of his game which have kept that talented man behind the rest.

However, all is not lost in the career of Joe Cole; players who have starred at World Cups, won Premier Leagues and prompted one of the most notable free agent frenzies in Premier League history tend to have a bit of game about them too. Unfortunately though, Liverpool does not look to be the site of Joe Cole's potential resurrection, Dalglish is far too focused on bringing in mediocre Brits to even attempt to harness an enigmatic talent.

No, Joe Cole would do well to steer well clear of Liverpool, and bring his services elsewhere, whether it be to a stepping stone club looking for a big name, or to the home of football's transfer wizard, and into the shoes of a rebellious Croatian.

As indicated by the title, Joe Cole could be someone's secret weapon next season, as they say, form is temporary, class is permanent, and Joe Cole is a man not lacking in class.

Perhaps rising club Aston Villa, a team in need of creative talent after two high profile exits, could be the Londoner's next destination, or maybe even the more exotic climate of the Serie A, and a place with one of Italy's top six.

Joe Cole has the technical ability to play in leagues around the World, unlike other British players, his game has a somewhat cosmopolitan feel to it, though that tactical indiscipline would have to be improved upon. 

While clubs may be the most obvious beneficiaries of Joe Cole's future travails, the English national team would also be done no harm if the former West Ham man were to enjoy a renaissance. Often times stodgy and predictable, England would only be improved by Cole's creative spark, he could act as a place holder, before Josh McEachran proves himself mature enough for inclusion.

England, Villa, Tottenham, who knows... but maybe, just maybe, next season could be Joe Cole's year.

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