Tuesday, July 12, 2011

INFTH Top 100: Numbers 30 and 29

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-L1pdp_3FNBI/Tcor3F26wZI/AAAAAAAABFY/UXZhYoF9y-Q/s1600/gareth-bale-2011-1-5-17-21-35.jpg30. Gareth Bale- If ever one performance could sum up everything good about a player, Bale's showing at the San Siro did. Speed, skill and a terrific final product, Gareth Bale ran rings around Maicon on his way to a futile hat trick, which helped to make what could have been a disastrous result, respectable.

In the reverse match too, Bale was dynamic, once again torturing Maicon, though in a winning effort rather than a losing one. However, there was more to Bale's season than just two matches against Inter Milan, he was a consistent performer for Tottenham in the league, and would surely reside higher up in this list if injuries hadn't had their say.

Capable of delivering terrific crosses on the run, Bale is the player that all strikers dream of, someone who can place a ball at pace just out of the goalkeepers reach, and set up a poacher for a tap in.

Goals against Stoke and Inter Milan, summed up Bale's ability in front of goal, the Welsh international is an expert shooter, he found the bottom corner three times at the San Siro and did well to steer a volley into the top corner at the Brittania.

With Spurs failing to qualify for next year's Champions League, Bale's future was immediately thrown into doubt, especially as talk of a move for teammate Luka Modric surfaced. However, Redknapp is unlikely to allow Bale to depart, the winger is still chained to a long term contract and is considered by Spurs as the type of player needed to bring the Lily Whites back into Europe's premier competition.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_6qWVjoU1D3E/TVAakVLRbiI/AAAAAAAABlE/ZpvS283ePIo/s1600/Berbatov+wallpaper+2011.jpg29. Dimitar Berbatov- The Premier League's top scorer, but still not a fan favorite, I'm doubt if anyone truly understands the enigma that is Dimitar Berbatov.

Five goals against Blackburn, and hat tricks against Birmigham and Liverpool helped the Bulgarian to the goalscoring crown, but his inability to make an impact in key Champions League games pushed him farther down the rankings than most Premier League top scorers.

Gifted with a fabulous touch and terrific vision, there is no question that Berbatov is one of the most talented players in World football. However, towards the end of last season he was edged out of the side by Mexican upstart Chicharito Hernandez, a fall in grace which eventually consigned Berbatov to exclusion from Ferguson's Champions League final squad.

Going into next season, Berbatov's future is anything but clear cut; many United fans were left dissatisfied by his performances last season. With teams like Bayern Munich, Valencia and PSG all interested in his signature, it is possible that the lanky forward could depart, though all the early messages coming out of the Berbatov camp indicate that he wishes to stay.

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