Monday, June 6, 2011

Prolific Klose Brings End To Bayern Career

I once read a story about Miroslav Klose, it was around the time of the 2006 World Cup when the Polish born German was just minting goals, probably the German's peak year. The story relayed part of Klose's practice routine, one which included accuracy practices with light switches. Apparently, Klose aimed shots at some of the large German light switches in his house, shots which had led to the damage of several extremely valuable paintings.

When trawling through the pantheon of great football assassins, hit men, capable of scoring goals from absolutely anywhere, the name Miroslav Klose is likely to be prominent. The second all time top scorer in the World Cup, Klose is a deadly finisher, one that would be an ideal pick up for a whole host of top tier European sides.

With a host of records and individual honors to his name, Klose will certainly go down as one of the all time great German players. He is the only man to have ever scored five or more goals in two consecutive World Cups, and he is also the first German since reunification to have finished top scorer at the World's showpiece tournament. Klose has scored goals in the World Cup with both his feet and most interestingly his head, a body part which was used to score all five of his World Cup goals in 2002.

As a free agent, I imagine that Klose services will be much sought after, his wages aren't exorbitant and even if they were he'd pay them back in goals soon enough. Having only confirmed his departure from Bayern Munich today, the rumor mill has yet to get in full flow with regards to the striker, but early linkage has seen his name tossed around as a potential signing for either Lazio or Valencia.

Personally, I would relish seeing Klose ply his trade in the Premier League, Manchester City have been linked with him in the past, but then again, who hasn't been looked at by City? In all honesty, it is unlikely that a Champions League team will really be interested in acquiring Klose's services, though he does average a goal in every three European appearances.

Most likely, Klose will make a move on a par with that of Raul to Schalke, he'll offer his services to a team devoid of too much star power, one that he will be guaranteed starting football in, though not one beneath the stature of his name. Having spent the entirety of his career in Germany, Klose may well wish to encounter a new challenge in a different country, as mentioned above, Spain and Italy have been touted though a move to somewhere more exotic wouldn't be out of the question.

Due to the current dearth of goals in Major League Soccer, a few teams will likely be looking for an aging star to come drag them out of trouble, Klose would fit that bill well, I'm sure he would relish the opportunity to join Beckham, Henry and Marquez in America's fast growing league.

Wherever he goes, I wish Miroslav the best, he has provided onlookers like me with countless hours of entertainment. Just make sure no one lets him anywhere near a collection of fine art...

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